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Can I Request To Be Paid On The First Wednesday Of The Month Instead Of The Second Wednesday?

If I get benefits based on my wife who died from cancer that pay me 2nd Wednesday of every month do I have any option to get paid the 1st Wednesday of every month???

Hi. I'm sorry for your loss. The answer to your question is no. For most people, the day of the month on which their benefits are paid is determined by the day of birth of the worker on whose record the benefits are paid. If the worker was born in the first 10 days of a month, payments from that account would be paid on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. If the worker was born from the 11th through 20th of a month, payments based on that account should be paid on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. And, if the worker was born after the 20th day of a month, payments based on their account should come on the 4th Wednesday of the month (

Best, Jerry

Mar 18 2021 - 11:58am
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