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Can I Receive SSDI On My Own Record And Also File For Benefits On My Deceased Husband's Record?

I am a 60 year old female collecting ssdi and ssd widow insurance. My husband is deceased. Can I collect my ssdi and also apply for my deceased husbands ssi benefits?


If I understand you correctly, you are already receiving both Social Security disability (SSDI) and disabled widow's benefits. So, unless you were widowed more than once, it sounds like you are already drawing your survivor benefits from your deceased husband's record. If you are entitled to both SSDI and disabled widow's or widow's benefits, Social Security pays you your full SSDI rate plus an excess widow's benefit if your deceased husband's full retirement age rate (PIA) was higher than your SSDI rate.

Widow's and disabled widow's benefits are essentially the same benefit. The only difference is that eligibility can begin as early as age 50 for disabled widow's, as opposed to age 60 for widow's who aren't disabled (

Best, Jerry

Jun 14 2017 - 6:32am
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