Can I Receive Higher Benefits As A Widow?

Jan 30 2017 - 5:00am

Someone said that at age 70 I could receive 32% more social security benefits filing for the "Widow's Pension" (my husband died during our marriage). I, however, am on Social Security Disability (which may now be considered regular social security), and wonder if this applies to me if I receive about $1,312 per month and have help paying medicare part B insurance premiums, etc. (I think the total is about $15,696 per year). Thank you for your help.


You can't qualify for a higher widow's rate by waiting until age 70 to file. Widow's benefits hit their peak rate when the widow reaches full retirement age.

You don't mention your age, but if you are receiving Social Security disability benefits and you are eligible for widow's benefits, you should probably file for them as soon as possible. You could basically only receive the higher of the 2 benefits, though, so if your own benefit rate is higher than the widow's rate, you wouldn't be eligible for widow's benefits.

Best, Jerry