Can I Receive Divorced Spouse's Benefits?

Jun 30 2016 - 12:15pm

I will be 66 in October I am divorced, my ex spouse is 68 and worked for the Forest Service unsure if he has SS. He has remarried. Can I receive any benefit from his SS. should I collect at 66 for full retirement and do I understand that I could receive which ever SS is the higher. I could receive $500 more if I wait until age 70. My income is $39,000 a year right now.

If your Ex is eligible for Social Security retirement benefits, then you can receive a divorced spouse's benefit off of his record. Social Security can tell you if you are eligible, but be sure to ask about your benefit, not his benefit or earnings. Yes, you will receive the higher of your retirement benefit or your divorced spouse's benefit. If you restrict your application to divorced spouse's benefits only at or after your full retirement age in Oct, then you can delay your retirement benefit until age 70 and it will be increased by 32%.