Can I Receive Benefits On The Record Of An Estranged Spouse?

Aug 16 2016 - 10:45am

I applied for benefits in December of 2015. But I don't know what I would get, SSI/SSDI. I'm married, but been separated for 9 years. He lives in a different city then I do. And we have 2 children, whom one is grown and we have a 16 year old. She lives with me, I looked on the web. And from what it says, I'm eligible for both. What is my situation if we are still married, but live separate lives in different cities? I don't have no income, just waiting on my disability.


It doesn't matter if you're separated from your husband, but he must be receiving benefits on his own record and you must be at least age 62, or have a qualified child in your care who is disabled or under age 16, in order to qualify for spousal benefits from his record ( This is true whether or not you qualify for disability benefits.

Best, Jerry