Spousal Benefit

What Recourse Do I Have?


What recourse do I have? I called SSA only to be told that at my FRA (in a few weeks as I was born pre-1954) that a restricted application on my husband's benefit would be 50% of what he is currently getting (based on his claiming at at 62). SSA Rep did not give any credence to what you advised (in your email of 7/6/19; and confirmed with what I've read from other resources), that such an application would be based on my husband's PIA (to include COLAs since he began benefits).

Can I Suspend My Retirement Benefit And Collect Just My Spousal Benefit While Waiting to Restart My Retirement Benefit At Its Highest Value At 70?


Hi Larry.....I turned 66 in June, 2016 and my Social Security Disability switched over to my regular Social Security benefit of $682.00 a month. My husband's benefit after paying Medicare is $1,478.00 a month. I had heard I could apply for a spousal benefit and wait until 70 to collect my own Social Security benefit. I called the Local Social Security Office and they said no that it automatically converted to my regular benefit. Is this true and is there anything I could do to change it if is not true?

Thank You, Carol

Should My Wife Take Her Spousal Benefit At 64?


Dear Larry,

My wife and I are both retired. She is 64 and I am 71 and have been collecting SS since age 64. She is not collecting SS. We plan on waiting until she is 70 for her to file. Can she claim spousal benefits now? Does she need to wait until her FRA of 66? Will this affect her retirement amount? My SS is approximately $2000. Hers will be more since we are waiting until 70.

Best, Steve

Can I Receive Benefits On The Record Of An Estranged Spouse?


I applied for benefits in December of 2015. But I don't know what I would get, SSI/SSDI. I'm married, but been separated for 9 years. He lives in a different city then I do. And we have 2 children, whom one is grown and we have a 16 year old. She lives with me, I looked on the web. And from what it says, I'm eligible for both. What is my situation if we are still married, but live separate lives in different cities? I don't have no income, just waiting on my disability.