Can I Receive Benefits On My Husband's Record?

Apr 16 2017 - 6:49am

Hello: I am 64 years of age, soon 65, born in 1952. I have been receiving SSDI for several years. I am legally separated and soon after qualifying my husband retired, now age 70, and collects his social security. He receives almost exactly twice as much as my SSDI. Wondering if I can receive more from him now and or at his death. I expect to out live him as I am in better health, younger and my disability is hearing loss, I am so confused and have received different answers after calls to Social Security Office. Thank you!


You could only receive additional benefits from your husband's record while he is living if 50% of his full retirement age rate (PIA) is higher than your own PIA. Your PIA is basically your full disability rate, so it sounds like there would be little or nothing payable from your husband's record as long as he is still alive. You may want to check with Social Security to find out if you could be eligible, though. If you are eligible for spousal benefits, your benefit rate will be reduced if you start drawing them before your full retirement age.

If your husband dies before you, you could receive up to his full benefit rate as a widow. You would not receive both his benefit rate and your own, though, just the higher of the two.

Best, Jerry