Can I Receive Benefits On My First Husband's Record?

Feb 2 2017 - 7:00am

Hi Larry,
My first husband died 43 years ago, I was 30, drew Social Security on me and the children who were 5 and 7. I raised my boys and 17 years later remarried happily for 21 years. He passed away 5 years ago, question is can I draw widow benefits on my first husband? I am retired, 72 and draw widows benefits from my second husband. Someone just told me yes I can. I don't think I can. Thank you


I'm sorry for your loss.

It sounds like you are potentially eligible for widow's benefits on your first husband's record, but you could only receive benefits if the rate payable on his account is higher than the benefit rate you are already receiving. You'll probably want to check with Social Security to see if it is.

Best, Jerry