Can I Receive 75% Of My Dad's Primary Insurance Amount?

Jan 6 2018 - 7:30am

I'm 28 years old and receive SSI. I received a letter saying that I have to file a claim on my Mother and Father's records and that I'm eligible for Disabled Adult Children Benefits because I was 21 years old when I became disabled. My mother worked a little and is no longer alive and my Dad worked and is disabled and now receives SSDI. Would I be qualified to receive 75% instead of 50% of my Dad's Primary Insurance Amount? He would have a higher PIA than my Mom.


You could potentially get as much as 75% of your mother's primary insurance amount (PIA) or up to 50% of your father's PIA, whichever is higher. The 75% rate is the survivor rate, but 50% is the applicable rate for children receiving benefits on a living parent's record. However, your SSI (Supplemental Security Income) will be reduced essentially dollar for dollar by the amount of any disabled adult child's benefits that you receive.

Best, Jerry