Can I Qualify For Spousal Benefits Now At Age 53?

Apr 6 2020 - 2:34pm

Hi I'm 53 and been married for 18 years my husband walked out on me want to no if I can get spousal benefits he is retired his 78 I have a disabled daughter but he is her stepfather


You could only currently qualify for benefits from your husband's record if your daughter qualifies for child's benefits on your husband's account, and if she's in your care and either under age 16 or disabled based on an impairment that began prior to age 22. Otherwise, the soonest that you could qualify for spousal benefits is when you reach age 62 (

Stepchildren can potentially qualify for benefits on the Social Security record of a stepparent if the stepparent is receiving retirement or disability benefits, and if the stepchild meets a dependency requirement. To be considered dependent on a stepparent, a child must at some point have been receiving at least half of their support from the stepparent (

Best, Jerry