Can I Get Divorced Spousal Benefits On A Previous Ex-Spouse If I Get Divorced?

Sep 8 2017 - 6:51am

Larry, I can't get an answer. I am remarried.

If We get divorecd I am 64 can I then take my ex husbands ss. Yes we we re married 11 years. Can my husband and I re marry or sign partnership papers after the divorce? When should I start collecting? does it make a difference. I'm desperate but can't get answer's This will help my family my husband and I are desperatly hanging on.

Thank you... Joanna

Hi Joanna,

I don't have enough information about your situation to properly answer your question. If you divorce, you could potentially receive benefits on a former spouse's record if you meet all of the requirements for entitlement. The requirements are different depending on whether or not your ex-spouse is still living. Here are a list of requirements for divorced spousal benefits and surviving divorced spousal benefits:

If you do become entitled to benefits on a prior spouse's record, then a subsequent remarriage to someone else would terminate the entitlement if your ex is still living. But, remarriages occurring at age 60 or later do not bar entitlement as a surviving divorced spouse.

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Best, Jerry