Can I Get Both Of My Ex's Benefits At Age 62 And Then Apply For My Benefits At Full Retirement Age?

Jun 23 2020 - 2:11pm

I am currently 60 (1960), I am twice divorced from marriages that both lasted more than 10 years. When I turn 62 can I get both of my exes benefits combined and then claim mine which is higher than both of theirs when I reach my full retirement age?


No. In the first place, you can't be paid more than one full Social Security benefit at the same time. If you file for more than one benefit, you can only be paid essentially the higher of the benefit rates. Furthermore, assuming that both of your ex's are still living, you couldn't file for divorced spousal benefits without also being deemed to be filing for your own benefits at the same time. And, if you file for benefits prior to full retirement age (FRA), your benefit rate will be reduced for age.

Your best filing strategy depends of a number of different factors, so it sounds like you should strongly consider using our software ( to help you determine your best strategy for claiming benefits.

Best, Jerry