Can I Get Benefits For My Grandkids?

Sep 13 2018 - 5:59pm

Can I get benefits for my grandkids since I'm disabled now? We have guardianship for a 13 & 11 year old for the past 6 years and had them for 8 years total. My daughter gets disability benefits for being bipolar and the kids get $121 each a month. Since they're our dependents and I just was just granted disability and my husband is 70 and wants to retire. Can they draw off of us now? The father never pays child support and is currently in prison. I hope you can help, thank you!


In order for a child to qualify for benefits on the record of a grandparent, the child must either be a) adopted by the grandparent, or b) BOTH of the child's natural parents must be deceased or disabled ( So, unless your grandchildren's father has been approved for disability benefits by Social Security, it sounds unlikely that they would meet the requirements for child's benefits on your or your husband's records unless they've been adopted. However, you could always file a claim with Social Security on their behalves in order to get a formal determination of their eligibility.

Best, Jerry