Can I Get Benefits From My Ex-Husband's Record?

Sep 18 2016 - 11:45am

My ex husband passed away 2 years ago . He was just shy of his 65th birthday and collecting his own benefits. Although, he did receive disability payments for a few years before his passing, we were married for 10 years . I've been married to my current husband for 24 years . We are currently not old enough to collect social security but will be with in the next few years. Anyway, my question is would I qualify for any kind of benefits from my ex husband? or only from my current husband? My personal benefits will be very low due to my staying home with my children for several years etc. So, I'll need any extra income that is available. I don't mean to sound greedy it's just a reality I'm having to think about and face. I'd appreciate any information you could offer.


You can't receive divorced widow's benefits if you're remarried, unless the remarriage occurred after you reached age 60. There is still a possibility of you drawing benefits on your ex-husband's record in the future, though, if you were to divorce or your current husband dies before you.

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Best, Jerry