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Can I Get Any Financial Assistance For My Granddaughter?

I have legal guardianship of my granddaughter, both parents gave up parental rights. Can i get any financial assistance. I am disabled and on SSDI

Hi. Being the legal guardian for your granddaughter wouldn't make her eligible for benefits from your Social Security disability (SSDI) account. In order for a grandchild to potentially be able to qualify for Social Security benefits on the account of a grandparent, the child must either be adopted by the grandparent or both of the child's natural parents must have been deceased or disabled at the time that the grandparent started drawing Social Security benefits (

I don't know if you could get assistance from any sources other than Social Security, but if your granddaughter meets the requirements outlined above and if she's either under age 18, age 18 to 19 and still in high school, or she became disabled prior to age 22 then you may want to contact Social Security to see about applying for benefits on her behalf.

Best, Jerry

Jun 25 2021 - 10:47am
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