Can I File For Spousal Benefits On My Husband's Record At Age 66, Then Switch To My Own Record Later?

Dec 16 2016 - 11:15am

My husband is 68, filed for social security at 62 and is receiving benefits. I was born in 1951, will be 66 in May of 2017, am working and plan to work for 2 more years. Can I file for spousal benefits once I turn 66 this May and put my benefit on hold until I retire in 2 more years? What is the correct language for this process and can I do it online, and if so what is the link. My benefit will be much larger than my husbands.


Yes, and yes. Since you were born prior to January 2 1954, you can file a restricted application for spousal benefits only effective at age 66, and let your own benefit grow until age 70.

You can file online at when you get within 4 months of the month you reach age 66. You'll want to file for spousal benefits only, not for benefits on your own record. In order to restrict the scope of your application to spousal benefits only, be sure to add a remark that says either: 'I wish to restrict the scope of this application to spousal benefits only.' or, 'I wish to restrict retirement benefits on my own account from the scope of this application.' There may also be a question within the application that asks if you want the application to also be considered as an application for benefits on your own record, which you'll want to answer 'No'.

Best, Jerry