Can I File For Spousal Benefits At Age 62?

Dec 27 2016 - 4:30pm

Have been on SSDI since I was 60. Am on Medicare parts A and B. Will turn 62 in February. Is it possible to reapply for Social Security when I turn 62 to utilize my wife's income and still retain my Medicare benefits?


I'm not sure if I understand your question. I assume you are asking if you could receive spousal benefits at age 62. The answer to that depends on whether or not your wife is drawing her benefits, and the amount of her benefit rate. She must be drawing her benefits in order for you to potentially be eligible for spousal benefits on her record. And, her full retirement age benefit rate would have to be more than twice as much as your disability benefit rate in order for you to receive any spousal benefits.

Assuming that your wife's full retirement age rate is more than double your disability rate, the amount of the unreduced excess spousal benefit would be equal to the difference between half of your wife's full retirement age rate and your full disability benefit rate. However, if you started the excess spousal benefit at age 62, it would be reduced by about 30%.

If you do qualify for spousal benefits, it would be an excess spousal benefit paid over and above your disability benefit. In other words, you would continue receiving your disability benefits, so your Medicare entitlement would continue. There is no way to stop drawing disability benefits and receive spousal benefits instead.

Best, Jerry