Can I File for My Retirement Benefit before FRA and My Spousal Benefit Later?

Jun 28 2016 - 10:45pm

Hi, I was born 10/22/1951. My ex husband was born 11/6/1941. We were married 34 years and divorced for 10 years. My ex husband started SS at 70 and is now 74. Can I take my SS benefit now and take full spousal benefit at 66? Thanks, Susan

Hi Susan, if you file now before your full retirement age (FRA) for your retirement, you'll be deemed to have also filed for your divorced spousal benefit and both will be permanently reduced. You may want to file for your divorced spousal benefit at FRA and then for your increased retirement benefit at 70. Or it might be best to file for your spousal benefit at FRA if it's larger than even your increased retirement benefit will be. Our software can calculate your maximized strategy. Thanks, John