Can I File For Half Of My Wife's Benefit Rate If She Hasn't Started Collecting?

Dec 4 2018 - 10:36am

I was born Dec.1953 my Soc. Sec will be about 1/2 of my wives, she was born March 1955. She is still working but I want to start to collect Dec 2019 I'll be 66. Is it possible for me to collect half of hers even if she hasn't filed. Because I would like to take my own SS at age 70 to get a higher amount. But my wife doesn't want to retire until she is about 68 in which I will be almost 70. So simple question is can I start to take 1/2 hers if she hasn't started to collect. She has reached the max at $2600 Thank You Bob

Hi Bob,

No, your wife would have to be drawing her Social Security benefits in order for you to potentially qualify for spousal benefits on her account. You and your wife may want to strongly consider using our software to investigate your various options so that you can choose the filing strategy that you believe would best fit your needs.

Best, Jerry