Can I Draw On My Ex's Record First And Get My Own Retirement Later?

Aug 11 2017 - 7:20am

I'm female 59 years old and I'm in the process of getting a divorce from a marriage of 19 years. My husband has been the primary provider thought out the whole marriage. I'm considering early retirement at age 63 for several reasons and I'm search answering to help me make the best financial decision for myself.
My ex husband to be and I have over 35 years work history, however my ex to be husband income is three times minds. To insure that more income at full retirement age of 66, do I collect his benefits 1st than apply for mind own retirement later? which will bring me the most income?


Since you were born after January 1 1954, you will be deemed to file for both retirement benefits on your own record and for divorced spousal benefits whenever you file for either one. You will then essentially receive the higher of the 2 benefit rates, and your benefit amount will be reduced for age if you start drawing prior to your full retirement age ( Deeming does not apply to survivor benefits, though, so you would have additional options if your ex was to die before you start drawing benefits.

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Best, Jerry