Can I Draw Disabled Adult Child Benefits If I'm Receiving SSDI?

Dec 7 2017 - 5:28pm

I am a 42 male who has been disabled since birth (Cerebral Palsy). I am wondering if I can draw Disabled Adult Child benefits through my father's account (50% PIA) while receiving SSDI benefits from my own account, which will be about $2,,474 per month in 2018?


The most that you could be paid is the higher of your SSDI amount or 50% of your father's PIA, not both. Your father must be drawing his benefits in order for you to potentially eligible for disabled adult child's benefits (DAC), and under Social Security's rules you could only qualify if you haven't performed substantial gainful work (SGA) since you turned age 22 ( The current SGA earnings guideline is $1170 per month, but was only $500 per month 20 years ago.

Best, Jerry