Can I Draw Both My Social Security Benefits And My Late Husband's Benefits?

Jan 31 2020 - 7:31am

Hi. I want to know I am drawing my late husband social security but my question is can I draw mine social security and his or just his


No, you can't draw more than one full Social Security benefit at the same time. You could basically only qualify for the higher of your own benefit rate or your widow's rate, so if you're already drawing widow's benefits then you'd likely only want to file for Social Security retirement benefits if your own benefit rate is higher than your widow's rate.

You don't mention your age, but if you're under age 70 your own Social Security retirement benefit rate would continue to grow until age 70 even while you're drawing widow's benefits. So, your best strategy would likely be to claim your own benefits at age 70 if your benefit rate is higher at that time than the amount of your widow's benefit.

Best, Jerry