Can I Collect Spousal Benefits While Waiting Until Age 70 To Claim My Own Benefits?

Nov 8 2019 - 5:04pm

My wife began taking social security at age 63. She will be 66 (FRA) in February 2020. I am 64 (FRA 66/2) and still working and will have a much higher benefit when I collect. I would like to retire in the next 2 years and live off other savings and retirement accounts and wait until 70 to collect social security to maximize my benefit (and her survivor benefit if applicable). Can I collect spousal benefits on her record in the meantime (until I turn 70), knowing it would be a small, but helpful, benefit?


No. Since you were born after January 1 1954 you'd be deemed to also be applying for your own Social Security retirement benefits if you filed for spousal benefits (

Best, Jerry