Can I Collect Spousal Benefits Before My Husband Turns 62?

May 1 2019 - 5:47pm

I am currently 65 yrs old. I began collecting my own SS at 62 yrs. old. My husband just turned 60. He has a pension and will be forced to begin collecting SS at age of 62. Can/should I collect spousal benefit until he turns 62. Also, is it retroactive for years I already have been collecting?


You couldn't qualify for Social Security spousal benefits at least until your husband starts drawing his benefits, and even then you'll only be eligible if 50% of your husband's primary insurance amount (PIA) is more than your PIA. A person's PIA is the amount they'd be paid if they wait until their full retirement age (FRA) to start drawing their Social Security retirement benefits.

You and your husband may want to strongly consider using our software to explore and compare your options so that you can be sure to choose your best strategy going forward.

Best, Jerry