Can I Collect Early Reduced Divorced Widow's Benefits before My Retirment Benefit?

Jun 29 2016 - 7:45pm

Hi, I was married to my former spouse for 11 years. He passed away at age 60 before collecting social security. When I retire next year at age 62 can I collect the divorced widow's benefit first (which would be lower than my own benefit at 62) and allow my social security benefit to continue to grow and switch to my benefit at FRA of 66? Thanks, Laurie

Hi Laurie, yes you can collect your reduced widow's benefit early and then switch to your retirement benefit at full retirement age (FRA) or wait to do so until 70 when it will be increased. The software will both determine your maximized strategy and let you enter various what-if scenarios to see how filing for each benefit at different times affects your lifetime benefit amount. Thanks, John