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Can I Change My Disabled Adult Child's Benefits From My Father's Record To My Mother's Record?

Currently, i am a 27 disabled male, never worked before, my payee is my mother, but i suspect social security has me under my father, because my medical is under my dad, i believe i get ssi and SSA, i am not completely sure as i am disabled and have adhd along with other problems. Any other info i can happily provide, however my question is this: Can I ask social security who i am currently under? (dads ss# vs. moms ss#), and also if i can change it to my mother, also if you know whether or not i can change my medical to my moms ss# as well please let me know, thanks. P.S. Even if you cannot answer these questions even with further information please do reply!


Apparently, you are receiving disabled adult child's benefits. In order to be eligible, your parent must either be deceased or drawing Social Security disability or retirement benefits. If both of your parent's are either deceased or drawing disability or retirement benefits, you could only receive benefits on one parent's account, whichever one is highest. It's possible to start drawing benefits on one parent's record, and later become eligible on the other parent's record if the rate on that account would be higher.

You should be able to find out from Social Security on whose record you are receiving benefits, but if your mother is payee for your benefits, she should be able and willing to give you that information.

Best, Jerry

Jan 14 2017 - 12:00pm
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