Are There Any Pitfalls When Filing A Restricted Application?

Jul 17 2017 - 2:07pm

Are there any pitfalls when filing a restricted application for SS. I will be filing on-line in about a year from now and I was wondering if the process for filing a restricted application is fairly transparent. I am concerned that the process could be a gotcha and my benefits will start full retirement and not for spousal benefits when I'm 66


Unfortunately, Social Security doesn't allow non-applicants to view the online applications. As a result I can't give you much specific help with regard to the online application process.

When you go online to file for spousal benefits, I believe that your application will contain a question such as: 'If you are eligible for both retirement benefits and spouse's benefits, do you want to delay receipt of retirement benefits?'. If you wish to file just for spousal benefits, you would answer yes to that question. In order to make your intent perfectly clear, I would also suggest adding a statement in the remarks section of your application stating: 'I wish to exclude retirement benefits on my own record from the scope of this application'.

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Best, Jerry