Are My Ex-Spouse's Social Security Benefits Affected By Getting Part Of My City Pension?

Jul 29 2016 - 11:00am

my ex husband will receive a percent of my pension when I retire (I am a city employee and pension is my only retirement, I do not have social security benefits). he will also receive his own retirement plan (401 type plan) and social security benefits. will his own social security benefits be affected by the fact that he will also receive some of my pension? will his benefit be offset by anything? can I use his SS benefit to decrease the amount of my pension that he receives? thank you


No, your ex's Social Security benefit would not be affected by the receipt of a portion of your city pension.

I don't know if your ex's Social Security could be used to decrease the amount of your pension that he receives. I assume that would depend on the pension fund's policy, or your settlement agreement.

Best, Jerry