Are My Calculations Correct?

Feb 8 2017 - 8:00am

My husband is retired, receiving SS benefits of $2649.
Our disabled child receives $ 993
I receive Child in Care benefits $993.
I will be 66 in April 2018. My PIA is $818 and my Family Maximum is $1227. My husband's Family Maximum is $4618. The Combined Family Maximum right now is $5268.
In April 2018, I want to file for my own and spousal benefits. I believe that the new benefits we will receive after April 2018 are;
husband $2649
disabled son $1324 (50% of father's PIA)
me $818 (my own earned benefits) PLUS
me $506 (spousal My husband's PIA 2649,
divided by 2 = 1324
minus my PIA of 818
= 506

So that would give us $2649 + $1324 + $506 on my husband's record (= $4479 below the CFM)
and $818 on my own record
for a family total of $5279.
Are my calculations correct? Thanks!


No, not entirely. Your son would get the full 50% of your husband's rate, or $1324 by your figures, but your combined rate would be limited to your share of the family maximum available before subtracting your own rate. So, if the combined family maximum is $5268, and your husband's PIA is $2649, your total benefit would be limited to $1309 (i.e. half of the $2619 available to family members after subtracting your husband's PIA from the combined maximum). Thus, if your full retirement is $818, you would get that plus $491 from your husband's record, for a combined rate of $1309.

The reason that your son would get the full $1324 and you wouldn't is because of your dual entitlement. For more information on that provision, refer to Social Security's operations manual:

Best, Jerry