Are The Estimates On Social Security's Website Updated To Include DRCs And COLAs?

Oct 12 2020 - 10:08am

Hello Larry and Jerry,
Just a general question I haven't seen an answer for elsewhere. Does a person's page update on an annual basis to reflect DRC accruals along with showing an annual COLA adjustment that takes effect in January (provided there is one)?

Hi Doug,

I'm not an expert on Social Security's website, but the benefit amounts they provide on the 'my account' page show your current estimated rate and your estimated rate if you wait until age 70 to start drawing. As far as I know, those amounts include the all past cost of living increases, but no estimated future increases. The age 70 estimates include the delayed retirement credits (DRC) that you'd earn by waiting, as well as expected future earnings if you're still working. I'm not sure how DRCs are treated in the current estimates, but my guess is that the amount includes any DRCs you earned through December of the most recent year.

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Best, Jerry