Am I Eligible for Surviving Child's Benefits?

Jul 1 2016 - 9:00am

I'm not sure what to actually do to be able to get the maximum amount of benefits or if I qualify for any at all,but I have been recieving Disability benefits since I was 19,now forty, I also recieve adult disability benefits since my fathers retirement age, but I am wondering if, since my mother had passed away in 2001 before her own retirement age, and I am supposed to recieve half of my parents checks, what happened to my mother's benefits or even if they could be able to be awarded to me being the only living sibling that could possibly recieve them..? Is tbat possible to do so or not? I have many other questions about how to be able to do so, but would like a consultation with a recommended advocate for myself and the many reasons why I am going to do request more information about a lot of issues in these areas. Thanks for your time...I hope to recieve a response from someone soon. jrambishjr

You are eligible for the larger of you adult child's disability benefit off of your father's record or your surviving child's benefit off of your mother's record. Social Security can tell you which is larger. We offer an Expert Review, but there's really not any more to your case then the above.