Am I Eligible For Any Back Pay?

May 8 2017 - 6:41am

im applying for dac benefits
if approved
im told since my dad never listed me on his retirements application as a disabled child. because of this,
i cant collect back pay & theres no way to appeal unless theres an error on the ssa behalf. the ssa is looking on my behalf at my initial ssi disability application i didnt fill out
to see if somewhere something is listed
that would allow this. im not sure exactly what they are looking for but it doesnt sound good
and 46k will be lost. Unless ask larry knows of a way. --peter

Hi Peter,

Unfortunately, it sounds like there's probably not much chance of your being able to collect back pay of more than 6 months unless some type of protective filing was made on your behalf. Once Social Security makes their determination on your eligibility, you will be given the right to file a formal appeal (, though.

Best, Jerry