Will Social Security Increase My Husband's Benefits After They Receive Our 2018 Tax Return?

Sep 25 2018 - 11:08am

Hi Larry,
My husband will be 70 in April 2019 but he already applied for his ss benefits starting January 2019. He just talk to ss and they gave him an amount which is only $1 less than your program when I put there his last year of earning 2017. This amount does not include his earnings for 2018 but when I put in your program that his last year of earnings will be 2018 I have of course little bit higher amount. Will ss increase his benefits after they receive our 2018 income tax return? Thank you very much for your program, it is worth every penny and it really gave us the best options for us.
Thank you for your time

Hi Lydia,

Thank you for the endorsement. Yes, if your husband's 2018 earnings are high enough to be among his 35 highest years of wage-indexed earnings, his benefit rate will be adjusted to include credit for the 2018 earnings starting with his benefits effective January 2019. That process should be done automatically by Social Security sometime toward the latter part of 2019, and if the 2018 earnings do increase your husband's benefit rate they will pay him any back benefits due. If he wants to speed up the process, he could submit proof of his 2018 earnings (e.g. W-2 form(s) for wages or Schedule SE from his tax return for self-employment) to Social Security and request a manual recomputation.

Best, Jerry