Will My Ex-Wife's Future Divorced Spousal Benefits Be Calculated Based On My Current PIA Or My Future PIA?

Jul 29 2018 - 4:04pm

Hi Larry.
I just turned 66 and signed up for divorced spouse benefits, DOB 8-52. My ex wife is 64 and collecting SSDI at a amount less than 50% of my age 66 PIA.
My question is: Will my age 66 PIA increase with the end of year cost of living increases so that my ex wife's age 66 divorced spousal benefit be taken from my larger 2 year old PIA . Or does my age 66 PIA stay the same as it is now for her. I would guess it would continue to grow for her benefit amount. Thank you for you answer.


The cost of living adjustments (COLA) announced by Social Security are added to all benefits, including benefit rates for people who have reached at least age 62 but who haven't yet started drawing their benefits. Thus, when you start drawing your own retirement benefits in the future, your benefit rate will include all of the Social Security COLA's that have occurred since you turned age 62. And, if your ex-wife qualifies for divorced spousal benefits on your record in the future, her rate will be calculated based on 50% of your full retirement age rate (PIA) inclusive of those COLAs.

Best, Jerry