Will the Lump Sum Payment Option Still Be Avaialable?

Jul 1 2016 - 1:00pm

Assuming that the file & suspend strategy for singles will still be available (I was 64 on 1/1/16) when I reach FRA, if I suspend at 66 and "unsuspend" at 69 1/2, the lump sum payout would be around $90K and, thanks to you and your co-authors, I do understand that my monthly benefit reverts to the FRA amount. But my question is: What is the best strategy to handle that $90K sum? I'd hate to see it fully taxable in one year. I plan to still be working, so what would you recommend for investing it? Don't want to play the market. Thanks, Cathy

Cathy, unfortunately the lump sum payment option is not available for people who suspend after the April 2016 deadline to do so under the old rules. Thanks, John