Will I Get The 2.8% COLA If I File In December?

Nov 12 2018 - 6:59am

My husband turned 66 in Oct 2018 and applied for his SS. I am turning 66 Dec. 3 2018 . SS gave me a Dec 31 apointment you me to apply for spousal benefits. . Will I get the 2.8% cost of living increase the next day added to what ever amount they tell me I am getting on Dec. 31 ? Is there any benefit in waiting until Jan 2 2019 to apply ?


If your first month of entitlement to benefits is December 2018, your first payment in January would include the 2.8% cost of living increase (COLA). So, if you're quoted a rate that doesn't include the COLA, your actual payment amount should be higher than that. And, no, filing on January 2nd as opposed to December 31st would make no difference. The actual date that you file your application is irrelevant with regard to COLAs.

You don't mention whether or not you could be eligible for Social Security benefits based on your own record, but if you are it may be advantageous for you to file a restricted application for spousal benefits only effective with December while letting your own benefits grow until age 70. Before your appointment you may want to consider using our software to explore your options and determine your optimal filing strategy.

Best, Jerry