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Why Did My Benefit Amount Go Down?

Hi Larry
I was receiving $3154.50 before deductions from Jan 2021. I looked on the SS site it shows my benefit would be reduced $16 to $3138.50 for Nov and Dec 2021. Why is this?
I waited to 70 to get benefits but the agent (who assured me I Was using the correct start date) the benefits did not start until 70 + one month. They need more training

Hi. I have no way of knowing why your benefit rate went down. Social Security normally sends notices explaining benefit rate changes, but if you don't receive one then you'd likely need to call Social Security for an explanation.

Regarding your initial month of eligibility, Social Security pays benefits a month behind. So, for example, if you turned age 70 in December 2020 and started your benefits effective with that month then your first payment would have been due in January 2021. However, if Social Security actually established the month after the month you reached age 70 as your initial month of entitlement, then you should ask Social Security to change it to the month in which you reached age 70. You would likely need to submit a written and signed statement to do that, for which you could use a form SSA-795 (

Best, Jerry

Oct 22 2021 - 11:52am
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