When are Delayed Retirement Credits applied?

Jun 29 2016 - 1:30pm

Larry, I turned 65 in 2016 and my wife turned 62 in 2015. I've compared many scenarios based on the new rules, and have settled on a plan to file for my benefit in September 2019 when my wife turns 66 (and I'm 68 1/2), and she'll file a restricted application at the same time for a spousal benefit based on my earnings. I'm comfortable with the math based on our relative earnings. My question is simple - a SS site says "If you retire before age 70, some of your delayed retirement credits will not be applied until the January after you start benefits." Does this mean my payout won't really reflect my delayed credits until four months later - January 2020?

The delayed retirement credits (DRC) that you earn up through Dec 2018 will be included in the retirement benefit that you receive in Sep 2019. The 8 additional DRCs that you earn from Jan to Aug 2019 will be included in your Jan 2020 check.