Is What Social Security Told Me Correct?

Oct 16 2016 - 1:00pm

Jerry -

Below is part of the answer that you emailed this morning, 15 Oct 2016.

''If you reach age 70 in October, you are eligible for a check for October. It's true
that the payment is issued in November, but the payment is for the month of

Here is what the AARP wrote: ''SSA does not make partial month payments. Thus, indivduals first become eligible to receive a benefit during the month after the month of their 62nd birthday. So, if a person was born in May, his or her first month of eligiblity is June. Since SSA pays individuals a month behind, the person will receive the June benefit in the month of July. If you would like to receive your first check the first month you are eligible, you will need to apply three months before your birthday''.

When the Social Security Administration was called at their 800 number yesterday, they were aware that I would turn 70 on 29 October 2016. Yet they said the first direct deposit would be issued on the 4th Wednesday of the month of December NOT November.

Was the SSA wrong it what they told me? Is the AARP wrong in what they wrote (shown above)?

Jerry, your answer states that the direct deposit is supposed to occur in November 2016 and both the SSA and the AARP says the first check is to arrive in December 2016.

Please advise who is right in this case. Thank you for your help.


I can assure you that you would be entitled to a check for October 2016 if you turn age 70 on October 29th. If someone at Social Security told you otherwise, they are wrong. The only other explanation would be if you chose November as your month of election to start benefits when you filed your application. If that's the case, you should contact Social Security ASAP to change your month of election to October.

The AARP quote is correct, because it refers to the rule that you must be age 62 for an entire month in order to qualify for a retirement or spousal benefit. Again, this applies only at age 62, not age 63 or any subsequent age. As I stated in my previous response, this provision does not apply to you since you are already past age 62.

Best, Jerry