What About Future Social Security Benefit Cuts?

Jun 24 2016 - 10:45am

I'm curious if your software, in an effort to maximize life time benefits, has considered the possibility of a 21% cut in benefits in 2034? Is there an option to run that scenario? I'm 64 and waiting till 66 to begin my spousal (she began at age 62 3 yrs ago) and letting mine grow till age 70. However, if I am going to see a big cut 12 years after starting, it could make sense to begin mine now and draw a benefit for 6 extra years before any cut. Thoughts?

Hi, Our software does permit you to specify a SS benefit cut of a given percentage starting at a given future date. Social Security is 31 percent underfinanced and $26 trillion in the red. This said, I don't see Congress cutting retirement benefits of anyone directly -- certainly not those who are now above age 62. But your guess may be better than mine. Anyway, you can look at this issue in our software.

best, Larry