Is There A Limit On How Much My Husband Can Earn If He's Collecting Benefits As A Spouse With A Child In Care?

Nov 12 2019 - 8:02am

I have filed for retirement benefit at age 63.5. Have a disable Adult child and filing for there benefit now as well. She was disabled before the age of 22. My questions are regard spousal in care of child benefit. My husband is 64 and has not filed for benefit yet and may delay until 70.. Is there an earning limit regarding how much he can earn if he is collecting a spouse benefit on my record for a disabled child in care?


Yes, if your husband qualifies for child in care spousal benefits and he's working then his benefits could be subject to full or partial withholding until he reaches full retirement age (FRA). In 2019, for example, Social Security would need to withhold $1 of your husband's benefits for each $2 that he earns in excess of $17,640 (

Best, Jerry