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Is There Any Way For Me To Receive More?

I filled for retirement @ 62 . i got fired from my job. My father who was a decorated ww2 vet fell and i had to take care of him. So i thought well I will just retire. My father did pass. So my question is Im only receiving a small amount. After I filed is there any way to receive more . or perhaps I am stranded @ this amount indefinitely.
Thanks danie

Hi Danie. I'm sorry for your loss. If you've been receiving benefits for less than roughly a year you could potentially withdraw your application and then reapply for benefits later at a higher monthly rate ( However, you'd then be required to repay all of the benefits you've received so far.

Otherwise, there are basically only 3 ways to increase your monthly Social Security retirement benefit rate. Two of those would involve returning to work. Social Security retirement benefits are based on an average of a person's highest 35 years of Social Security covered wage-indexed earnings, so if you work and replace one or more of those years with higher earnings years then your benefit rate would go up.

Furthermore, if you return to work prior to your full retirement age (FRA) and if your benefits are withheld because you earn more than the Social Security earnings test exempt amount (, then your benefit rate would increase effective at your FRA to reflect the fact that your earnings prevented you from receiving some of your pre-FRA benefits.

Thirdly, you could voluntarily suspend your benefits between FRA and age 70 in order to earn delayed retirement credits (DRC). DRCs raise your monthly benefit rate by 2/3rds of 1% for each month that your benefits are suspended.

You don't mention a marital history, so I don't know if you could potentially be eligible for any spousal or survivor benefits.

Best, Jerry

Dec 4 2021 - 9:56am
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