Taxation Of Benefits

Do Medicare Deductions Reduce The Taxable Amount Of My Income?

when the ins co deduct $134/mo from my social security check does this reduce the taxable amount of my income


I assume that the $134 monthly deduction to which you are referring is your Part B Medicare premium. Those premiums do not reduce the amount of your Social Security income that could potentially be taxable. For more information on taxation of Social Security benefits, refer to the Social Security website:

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Can You Explain How To Figure Taxes On My Social Security Benefits?

I received a lump sump from SS that included the prior year. I am working through publication 915 worksheet 2 for prior year refigured tax to see if the lump sum election saves me any taxes. Line 19 shows your refigured taxable benefits. Can you explain exactly what they are asking for on line 20 (enter your taxable benefits for the earlier year or refigured due to a previous lump sum for that year). Are they asking for the refigured amount on line 19, the total for that year from line 1, other taxable benefits that you already reported or maybe something else. Thanks.

How Much Income Can We Have Before Our Social Security & Medicare Benefits Are Reduced?

I am married and file my taxes jointly. We both collect SS as we are in our 70's. what is the max AGI I can have before our SS or Medicare benefits are reduced ? I supplement my income by cashing in IRA funds.


Your Social Security benefits and Medicare coverage won't be reduced no matter how much income you have. However, if your yearly income is high enough, you may have to pay income taxes on a portion of your Social Security benefits, and your premium rates for Parts B & D of Medicare may be increased.