Spouse is Not a U.S. Citizen

Will My Wife Qualify For Benefits?

My wife is a resident alien whose green card as expired. We have been married since Sept. 29, 1969. We have lived together since then in the United States. I am 70 years old in January and she is 68 years old now. Does she qualify for Social Security even if she has never been employed outside the home since we were married?

Does she qualify for Medicare? We have been covered by a qualified medical insurance through Kaiser supplied by my employer for the last 25 years.


Can My Singaporean Wife Collect On My Work Record?

I'm 65, born and raised in the US. My wife, age 41, is a Singapore citizen. She was granted US permanent residency just after our 1998 marriage. She has been a full time homemaker and mother to our two children, ever since, so she had no US income over the years. We have always filed our taxes jointly. Will she qualify for widow social security benefits from my account? I'm concerned about her status as a non US citizen?

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