Same Sex Couples

Should I Forego Spousal Benefits Because Of My Concern That It Could Cause A Problem For My Spouse?


My same sex partner and I married in July 2011 after NY began recognizing same-sex marriages. At that time she was age 66 1/2 and was collecting social security spousal benefits on the account of her former husband to whom she had been married for more than 10 years.

Can a Widow From a Gay Couple Married Abroad in 1992 Collect a Widows Benefit?


I have not seen this issue discussed, either at or with the Social Security website - my spouse was receiving disability benefits (since 1992) before she died (at age 52), we were married for 10 years, and could not file as "Married" on our income taxes because it was not allowed at the time. Am I entitled to any widow's benefits when I reach the age of 60?