Earnings Test

How Would My Husband Returning To Work Affect My Son's DAC Benefits?


We have a disabled (since birth) son who was receiving SSI until my husband took his Soc Sec early. My son is now receives 50% of my husband's full retirement benefit as a DAC. He's been offered an unexpected employment opportunity which would amount to more than twice his current Soc Sec benefit plus my son's benefit. If he takes that position, I understand he will be repaying all of his benefit as he is still two years away from his full retirement age.

How Much Can I Earn Over The Limit And Still Collect Benefits?


I will turn 60 next year and will be eligible for my deceased spouse's social security. I currently work full time over 40 hours per week, and plan to continue to work 32 hours so I can still be eligible for insurance at work. I plan on taking my social security at 70. I will go over the threshold of how much you can earn and still collect. Is it a good idea to still collect his at 60? What happens if it's a wash and you end up owing as much as they'd paid to you.

How Will Social Security Know How Much I'll Be Earning?


I am self employed, so if I take my SS now at 64 and start to generate income
I understand they could suspend or reduce my benefits. How will they know
what I am earning before I file my taxes and submit my 1099? If it is
suspended based on earning do i have to repay what was withdrawn?

Also if the benefits are suspended because I start earning again and if I am
able to go to 70 before retaking my benefits how will they calculate it? Will
it be my original benefit or will it continue to grow as I be contributing

Does Social Security Use The $17040 Exempt Amount AND Hours Worked If You're Self Employed?


Earnings Test: Are they using earning exempt amount of $17,040, AND hours worked if you are a self employed 1099, even if you made under the earnings limit of $17,040 so far in 2018 ? Like you mentioned I believe Earning limit only test if below $17,040. Why is there so much mis information out there ? They never mention where they found this self employment rule. I think this is the rule which applies if you are over $17,040 , not under.

How Should I Respond To SSA's Earnings Estimate Form?


Subject: Earning Test : First year Retired at 62 for a 1099 contractor for limo/van car service driver
Earning Test quagmire and how to respond to the SSA form "Earnings Estimate Form SSA-L9781-SM"

IN 2018 I turned 62 in July 29 2018... I am retired as of AUG 1 2018.
I had to work during Aug Sep to make ends not meet. But I still made less than the 17040 for NET EARNINGS.