Earnings Test

Would My Wife's Foreign Work Affect Her Benefits?


My non resident and non U.S. citizen spouse is applying for social security benefits. We currently reside part of the year in Florida and the rest of the time in Brazil. My wife is an Italian citizen. She is 64.5 years old When social security administration asks about income are they only asking about U.S. sources? She has never worked in the U.S. but does have a social security number that she received in the 70's when she was in the U.S. on a student visa. If she works in Brazil for a non U.S. company does that income affect her eligibility?

Will A Bequest Affect My Social Security Payments?


BACKGROUND: Due to the teriible economy, globilization and my age, I have not worked full time for over 3 years. And, after exhausting all my personal resources 2 years ago, have gone on government assistance. At my renewal meeting this week they just told me that I MUST file for Early Retirement Social Security. So I did so and I was just informed that my first SS check will be on November 16.

Can Retirement Plan Contributions Limit The Earnings Test?


Hello Larry,

With regard to the earnings test for someone taking benefits before FRA, can net self employment income be reduced by making retirement plan contributions to avoid exceeding the $15,720 limit? Also, what kind of documentation needs to be provided to Social Security regarding earnings, retirement plan contributions (if given consideration) and business expenses? Lastly, how often must this information be provided?

Yours, Ronnie

Hi Ronnie,

Does The Earnings Test Apply To My Spouse's Benefits As Well As Mine?


I visited my local Social Security office recently. I'm 62 and considering starting my reduced benefits next month when my husband turns 66 and I'm 62 1/2. He is the higher earner and my plan is for him to make a Restricted Application and collect spousal benefits on my earnings for 3 1/2 years while delaying filing for his own benefits until he is 70. I asked what would happen if I exceeded the $15,700 earnings limit where all or part of my benefits would stop. We agreed that in this case I wouldn't lose anything as my payment would be adjusted at FRA.

When Will My Bonus Count For Social Security Earnings Test Purposes?


I'm considering retiring at the end of this year (2016). I may qualify for a bonus based on work done in 2016. If so, the bonus will be paid in 2017. I will likely have to include the bonus payment made in 2017 in my income tax return for that year. Will Social Security count this income for the earnings test in 2017 even though it was earned in 2016?