Cost Of Living Increases

Can You Provide Documentation Of What's Written In Your Book Regarding DRCs & COLAs?

Can you provide documentation on DRC computation explained on page 309 of my copy of your book.
It states that I am entitles to my PIA plus 32% plus COLA.
I just turned 70 in July, had not taken a benefit, applied and was told there was no COLA by an agent in Baltimore that handled my request for benefits. I receive my first check next week for $3540 with no COLA added.
Please help if you can.
Thanks in advance,

Hi James,

Will My Ex-Wife's Future Divorced Spousal Benefits Be Calculated Based On My Current PIA Or My Future PIA?

Hi Larry.
I just turned 66 and signed up for divorced spouse benefits, DOB 8-52. My ex wife is 64 and collecting SSDI at a amount less than 50% of my age 66 PIA.
My question is: Will my age 66 PIA increase with the end of year cost of living increases so that my ex wife's age 66 divorced spousal benefit be taken from my larger 2 year old PIA . Or does my age 66 PIA stay the same as it is now for her. I would guess it would continue to grow for her benefit amount. Thank you for you answer.


Will My Spousal Benefit Include The COLA That Was Given This Year?

My husband collects SS. I will be 66 in Sept and want to take spousal benefits. I know I will get 50% of his PIA, but does that include COLA's that were given this year? I know it does not include DRC's that my husband receives. Thanks you all your help


Yes, your spousal rate will include the most recent COLA increase.

Best, Jerry

Does My PIA Change With COLAs?

Does PIA Change with COLA? My wife is two years younger than me. My income is higher than hers. My understanding (to this point) is that my PIA (Primary Insurance Amount) is the amount of my benefit I would receive at FRA (Full Retirement Age), which for me is at age 66.5 years. At my FRA, my wife will be 64 years and 9 months of age. Let's assume my PIA at my FRA is $2,000 per month and that I begin collecting my benefit at that time. Let's also assume my wife will file for SS benefits at her FRA, thus incurring no reduction for filing too early. .

If My Wife Receives Her First Check In December, Will She Get Next Year's COLA Increase In January?

If my wife signs up for social security early and receives her first check in December, will she get next years cola increase in January?


Yes. As long as your wife is at least age 62 by the end of this year, she'll get next year's COLA increase regardless of when she files.

Best, Jerry

Does Receipt Of A COLA Increase Depend On The Month You Start Benefits?

I'll be 66 and receive social security on January of 2018. Say the cola increase declared in oct of 2017 going into effect january of 2018 is 2%. would I receive the 2% increase if I start my checks in January of 2018, or do I have to apply and start my social checks coming in say December 2017 to receive the raise. I was told the cola raise would have been for 2017 and if you weren't receiving in 2017 this would not increase your payment if you start in 2018. This would then be a no brainer. An extra check and a raise compared to a small loss for going a month early.

How Are Cost Of Living Increases Applied?

How do you apply the rise in Social Security to your current benefit amount. I would think that you take the benefit amount from this year, multiply it by the COLA (.3%) and that gives you your increase amount. But it doesn't work that way. The amount is always different. Are they rounding something? What has happened is that they round the COLA which is .34793 to .3 which lowers the amount by $.50 ($5.25 vs $4.75) . Then when they calculate the increase it is $.10 or $.65 less then calculate. So my benefit amount is $1.15 less then you might think.