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Shouldn't My Benefit Rate Be Higher?

COLA Applied: Larry thanks for responding to my question from this morning; however, the issue I have is that my benefits estimate does not reflect any COLA increases from when I turned 62 Nov 2020 to this year. Example last year I made 3K more in income and my annual update was only $8.00 per month for my benefits estimate in Feb of this year. Hardly the 5.9% COLA from 2021 ! Per the SSA site they send out a COLA update message every year and I have never received any such message to my SSA account. I hope they add in the COLA when I receive my benefits letter. Lastly because I made too much money this year I will not receive any payments. My start date is Dec 14th for November. I plan on working thru April of next year and once I make 20K I will quit working and draw SSN so I will need to amend my first payment date. Thoughts, and many thanks for your response sir.

Hi. Social Security only sends out cost of living (COLA) update notices to people who are receiving benefits. Regardless of that, though, all Social Security cost of living (COLA) increases that occur after a person turns age 62 are added to their Social Security retirement benefit rate regardless of whether or not they are drawing benefits.

If you think that your benefit rate is incorrect, you can file an appeal ( Or, you may want to consider using our software ( to calculate your benefit to determine whether or not you're getting the right amount.

Best, Jerry

Aug 10 2022 - 5:11pm
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