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Should My Husband And I File A Joint Tax Return?

I receive ssi and my husband works. I got my benefits before we got married in 2021. I started getting my benefits in 2019. Last year he didn't put me on his taxes because we weren't sure how to do it. This year we want to do it right. So do we file jointly or how do we do this?

Hi. When you say you're receiving 'SSI', I don't know whether you're referring to Supplemental Security Income or Social Security benefits. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a needs based benefit administered by Social Security, whereas Social Security benefits are based on Social Security taxes that people pay on their earnings.

If you're receiving Supplemental Security Income payments, then be sure to notify Social Security of your marriage. Since SSI is needs based, a spouse's income and assets can affect the SSI payments for which a person is eligible.

Regardless of what type of benefits you're receiving, though, I am not able to answer questions about income tax rules. My expertise is limited to Social Security benefits. You may want to refer to the following information from the IRS's website:

Best, Jerry

Feb 10 2023 - 7:35pm
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